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Memorias de un Viaje(Memories from a Trip) is a collection of four songs created over the past three years as a result of experiences from both physical and imaginary journeys. The sounds created are arranged through diverse global styles using acoustic, electronic, analogue and digital methods, transporting the listener to imaginary worlds and spaces that lie between dreams and science fiction.

Isla Nocturna(Nocturnal Island) was composed on a Scottish island during the summer of 2017, taking as influence the cold but green landscapes, but mostly the spectacular starry skies that can be admired there thanks to the lack of artificial lights. On this island I found ample fertile ground for experimenting with the contrasts between tropical influences and the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere.

Tiny Mountainsis a collaboration with renowned Bristol poet Rebecca Tantony. Her poem Tiny Mountains is an eulogy for us all and those everyday battles we fight to build and sculpt our tiny mountains, which result from our audacious attempts to vanquish internal demons or our humble efforts to feed small mouths. The music existed as a sketch since 2007, using found sounds recorded during a trip to Japan and arranged during several nocturnal and psychedelic sessions. This final version was re-arranged to support Rebecca’s spoken poem, achieving a very different sound to what I usually compose.

Llueve en Buenos Aires(It Rains in Buenos Aires) was written during a trip to Argentina and Uruguay where I spent a great deal of time with producer Selectorchico aka. Nandy Cabrera. This piece was further developed on my return to Bristol through back and forth exchanges of ideas using social media, until we arrived at this final version. Nandy was able to gather the talent of other Montevideo musicians to record guitars, brass and melodica to add organic warmth to the digital sound. The music evokes for me the various walks from the flat where I was staying in Palermo to the Centro Cultural Matienzo where I went to see many performances.

Sangre Latina(Latin Blood) is a tropical remix of an original composition by Megs Emrys, a Bristol-based singer of Welsh origin who lived for a couple of years in Colombia. The words of this song resonate with my own experience of being an immigrant, particularly that process through which you are able to identify with more than one cultural/national identity, opening up the possibility of calling various places “home”. 

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