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panther panther! installations

projection mapping and immersive environment projects

As Panther Panther! I have been exploring the crossover between club culture, electronic music, digital media and public spaces. The projects in these section are experiments using projection mapping techniques to translate two dimensional media into immersive environments exhibited in the public domain.


I’m also currently exploring the relationship between Latin American street art and the Audio-visual culture accompanying the Tropical Bass end electro cumbia scene. I’m looking for ways of bringing some of that energy and creativity into my audio-visual work by creating site-specific projects that play with our sense of space within the public domain.


There is a long history of mural art in Latin America, Mexico specifically, and whilst projection mapping is not new to Bristol or the UK, those kind of events are not commonplace. These are my attempts to change this by bringing a bit of Mexican mural culture into Bristol life.

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