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This single came about as a fantastic collaboration between artists from all over the world. Firstly it was through Diezmo that Hawaii Bonsai Records got interested in doing a digital release, as they'd been in touch with each other for earlier projects. As soon as the ball got rolling, everything came into place, with Remixes by long-time hero Tribilin Sound and his Peru-based colleague, Sonidos Profundos. A recent favourite producer of mine, Yeahman from France also produced a remix and to top it all, Sumo Hair from L.A. managed to get his interpretation in. All in all, this was a very satisfying release and an awesome experience to be part of.

The music came as a result of experiments with "live" jams using mainly hardware. Afterwards everything was mixed down and edited to sound more coherent. It's another cosmic cumbia ideal for space travel but with a great trippy vibe!

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