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Panther Panther is Pablo Villierezz, a Bristol-based audio-visual artist of Mexican origin. As a producer and DJ he is very much influenced by the rising tide of Latin American electronica housed under the umbrella term Tropical Bass. Artists such as Dengue Dengue Dengue, Tribilin Sound, Selectorchico, San Ignacio, Sidi Rum, Chancha Via Circuito, Captain Planet and many more from labels and collectives like Le Ronca Records, Sello Regional,  Caballito, Kumbale, Dutty Artz, Sub Klub, Fertil Discos, Cassette, Guateque, spanning a truly trans-global network, have all shaped in someway, the sounds currently explored by Panther Panther’s electro-paws through his unique productions or highly energized DJ sets.


In 2015 he released his debut album Acapulco Space Station on Argentinian-label Le Ronca Records, a retro-futuristic journey through space aboard a galaxy-trotting beach resort. He followed this release with a tour that took him to Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mar del Plata, Lima and Morelia, from party, to club, to festival. In 2016 he released Midnight Ritual with Tropical Twist Records from Sao Paulo, as well as taking part in various compilations around the world, experimenting with the intersection between the Tropical Bass vibe and that Bristol Sound. 


Panther Panther also creates visuals for UK-based artists as well as for his own performances. He has collaborated with Benjamin Damage, Dot Product and recently he co-designed the stage for Shambala Festival’s newest venue, the formidable Barrio Afrika. His visual language is vibrant and exciting as it combines both digital and analogue imagery, influenced by Mexican traditional folk art as well as more moody, abstract concoctions. His visuals have been used in stand-alone installations such as with Bristol-based collective Aural-I, although mostly he prefers performing live and in real time.

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