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Islas is a collection of songs written on the Scottish island of Mull, during a trip I made in August 2017 in the middle of a very difficult year because of several health complications in the family and therefore it has become a very personal album. The island is a natural paradise, with almost nobody nearby, without urban sounds, transport or machinery, cold and sunny at the same time. 

The time that I spent composing in Mull and the islands that surround it, became my refuge, away from the typical parental duties and worries. The music that came out during this time represented an escape, but more than that, it became a re-connection with an internal place where everything is always OK. The composition process gave me a path towards calm and something else more inexplicable, cathartic. In this haven, the sounds and influences representing the best of my two geographical worlds, the UK and Mexico, mixed seamlessly. That is the essence of these songs.


This album represented a return to many of the influences from my late teens which included funk, soul, hiphop and textured electronica from people like Bonobo and Fourtet. This can be heard particularly on the style and production of the bass lines which contrast harmoniously with the tropical sound.

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